Crimson Colors

Phalen Sunset
Crimson colors grace evening sky
That kisses mirrored water scene.
Blends beautifully as hues apply
A vivid touch to sunset’s sheen,
So often seen at end of day.
A sight that takes your breath away,
Reflecting sunlight, so serene,
On ripples in a quiet bay.


Author Notes
The sky is on fire with a crimson sunset reflected upon the water.
This poem is a Huitan.
I was introduced to this format by Sunnilicious, a fellow Fanstorian, who came across it in her NaPoWriMo exercise. It is a format that consists of eight lines with an 8 syllable count and a fixed rhyme scheme of:
This photograph was taken by the author watching the sunset at Lake Phalen in St. Paul, Minnesota during May, 2013.

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