Peace, Peace Please


Peace please
Peace seize

Peace unfurled
Peace on earth
Peaceful world

Peace accomplish
Peace is my wish
Peace every way
Peace every day

Peace to end the fear
Peace with love and cheer
Peaceful reunion
Peace resolution
Peace in this New Year

Peace Please


Author Notes:

2015 was such a violent year, lets pray 2016 finds peace. I hope all of us, but especially our political leaders, have this resolution.

This poem is a Hexaverse with an added Envoi.
A Hexaverse is a type of poem that relates stanza lines to syllable count in increasing volume. It starts with a 1 syllable, 1 line stanza (also the Title of the poem); then 2 syllables, 2 lines; then 3 syllables, 3 lines; then 4 syllables, 4 lines; and then 5 syllables, 5 lines. It can have as many stanzas as the author wants. No rhyme scheme is required. The Title is also the first line of the Poem (I couldn’t do that here, because I already had a poem with the name posted). Many Hexaverse poems also start each line with the same word. While this is not a requirement, it is an option. A related version is the Diminishing Hexaverse, which starts with longest stanzas, and works its way down to one word.

For this poem, I chose the option to start each line with the same word. I also chose a rhyme scheme, which is:
a bb cdc eeff gghhg.
In addtion, I added a two line Envoi for poetic impact, using the first and third line of the piece, in reverse order.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on January 26, 2012.

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