Rumors (A Hesitatelet Poem)

Rumors have a vicious bite.

They sting!

Where truth isn’t always in sight.

  A fling!

They often hurt.

They’re lies!

They toss the dirt.

She cries!

So, if  you’re alert.

It dies.

Respect each person’s dignity.

Think first!

We need a loving community.

Not worst!

So, don’t prolong a rumor’s life.

Move on!

They’re like cutting with a knife.

It’s wrong!

You can reduce the cause of strife.

Be strong!

Kill a rumor.

Offer humor!


Author Notes

Just an Experiment in Style

This is a Hesitatelet poem, sponsored by Ritchie, 9999pool. I came across this while reviewing his poem, Mama’s Last Words. Here’s his notes.
This is a new form/style developed by ‘Cookie333″ called “Hesitatelet” with the following rules:
For every non-rhyming couplets of two (2) lines –
Line 1: A complete sentence, or multiple complete sentence combinations (noun/subject and verb or with adjective, if desired)

Line 2: A two-word statement expressing a motion or commotion (contractions are suitable and count only as one word. For example: I’m, it’s) consists of a subject with a verb or adjective (two words total). The main essence is the hesitation of this 2nd line which allows readers to ‘pause’ and reflect – hence a ‘hesitation’ and the name ‘Hesitatelet’.

So here’s my first attempt at it.

This picture is one I took of my daughter using a kaleidoscope method.

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