Hailezaine (eagles sitting)

eagle sitting with her chick
rumps get sore real quick
on a stick

Author Notes:

I just think those sticks can’t be that comfortable. That must be why the female eagle looks so grumpy.

This poem is a Hailezaine.
A HAILEZAINE must be written in three lines.
It has the syllable count of a Quinzaine(unrhymed verse of 15 syllables divided in three lines) as 7/5/3,rhyming aaa of a Triplet and content, as well as similar syllable counts, of a Haiku. So, it is a combination of those three formats. Hai (Haiku)-le (Triplet)-zaine (Quinzaine). Fanstory had a contest on this style in 2014. Not sure who created it.

This photograph was taken of these egles in a nest at Grey Cloud Island in the Mississippi River on April 25, 2015.

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