Pumpkin Palace

Pumpkin Palace

(A Gertrude Poem)




I was walkin’ in the forest.
Suddenly in glen before us,
Was a sight that I had never seen, ’til then.

On the prairie , orange and airy,
Stood structure that was very – odd.
Erected there in the center, on the sod.

My bleary eyes, to my surprise,
Were wary to where truth applies.
But this object was reality, I swore.

Stood there squawkin’ that some pumpkins
Had been fashioned into a house.
Amazin’ scene, as had been seen with my spouse.

It had surreal season appeal
That was difficult to conceal.
This pumpkin palace was never there before.



Author Notes
A Poem for the Holiday. This structure, made of pumpkins and grass, is in the front of the Minnesotra Arboretum in Chanhassen, MN. I reallly liked how the prairie grass blended so well with the structure’s roof, and how the orange pumpkins matched the color in the trees.

This poem is modeled after the Gertrude Poem foremat. Although, I took some liberties with it. See if you can spot them.
A Gertrude poem is a poem with a very unique structure and tempo. It carries sets of three or more tercets with a syllable count of 8/8/11 for a minimum of 3 sets. This poem uses 4 sets, making a minimum of 12 lines. The rhyme scheme for this poem is:
aab ccb ddc eea.
It uses the rhyme from the first two lines as the rhyme of the last line of the poem, regardless of the number of tercets. Had there been only three stanzas, the rhyme scheme would have been:
aab ccb dda.
If there had been 5 stanzas, the rhyme scheme would have been:
aab ccb ddc eec ffa
The tempo is the most unique aspect of the poem. The rhythm goes with an uneven cadence where the short lines end in a feminine (soft) accent, while the long lines end in a masculine (hard) accent on the last syllable. This pattern lends itself to enjambment well.
Another aspect is in the short lines. They end with a two word rhyme, as opposed to the usual single word rhyme.

I took this picture on October 17, 2014.

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