I Will See You


I’ll see you at the end of the day,
I was …

… an accountant
in the tower
on 9-11.

… in a CAR
on the I35W bridge
when it collapsed.

… or
I was riding
in a CAR any day,
when a truck in the oncoming lane
crossed over into mine,
and hit me head on.

… or a child in SCHOOL
at Sandyhook,
or Columbine,
when that gunman entered.

… watching a MOVIE at Aurora, CO.
on the day the kid went shooting.

… having a meal in a RESTAURANT
in Paris,
when the terrorists struck.

… attending the annual
not knowing the attitude of my
fellow worker in San Bernadine, CA.

So, kiss me goodbye,
and take nothing for granted.

Author Notes:

This is a follow-up on my author’s notes of my previous poem, where I suggested that the lover might not return. It got me thinking, and this is what came out.

The photo was taken by the author himself in February, 2015.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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