And I Shall Write


Twixt the caverns of the mind

And the edges of the quill,

Lurks the matters that are dearest

To my soul.

As I seek to set them free,

I oft am fraught with indecision.

Such hesitancy,


Is a defect.

For these are times

My Muse is mute.

Such trying times,

I must refute.

They call
for relevancy.


But to see the beauty of a flower!

Partake of some significant event.

To feel the burning need
of the oppressed!

Express the moments of the hour.

Speak for the muted mass.


To touch the face of love.

For these I pray!

For then,

With powerful perception

My pen will race upon the page.

Unfettered thought shall run with joy,

And I will write

It all.


Author Notes

Yes I will

Inspired by Gungalo’s Poem, Unfinished Utterance.

Picture from Microsoft ClipArt


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