To Catch a Train

hopping train[1]

To Catch a Train

(A Free Style Poem)



The cinders

scramble at my feet,

along the iron track,

With ties

spread out in measures made

to upset my youthful gait,


Buddies heckle at my back.

As train rolls in

along the curve

that slows it

to a pace for which

fools would wait,

I charge off

reaching  for the cars

that clatter by

in endless rows.

I hasten to my fate!

Before black engine gathers steam,

and the piercing whistle blows,

I race to match the pace

of traffic flow ,

and strain to hop that train.

But then,

just as the burnished handle,

beside the open car,

brushes against  my finger tip,

while I stretch to catch a purchase on the bar,
At my fastest power burst

my footings slip

and then

I trip.

Author Notes When I was young and stupid I would do this with some buddies. We’d wait under a bridge at a curve where the train slowed down. Hop it. Ride about a mile. Then either walk back, or catch one going the other way. Teenage boys do dangerous things. Hopefully they survive.

This is a Free Style poem. Like a Free Verse poem, it has no formal structure, but it does carry rhyme in unusual manners.

This picture is from Yahoo Images.

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