The Big Question



for an answer
to this question.

does God
allow such
to creep into
His faithful
People’s life?

It causes
spiritual indigestion
and cuts some
newly baptized
like a knife.

For Satan hates to
see God’s plan

with his vast
demonic skills,
he revels when his action
often kills
the spark of faith
that grows from human need.

It stifles,

our free wills.

So often prayers
just seem
to go unheeded.

Our sufferings
just seem
to stay unknown.

Just when
It seems
God’s blessings are most needed,

His promises to us
have surely flown.

We seem
to bear our burdens
all alone.

Is it
our faithfulness
is being tested?

Is it
our tempered edge
is being honed?

Is it
our path
remains a bit congested?

Have we forgotten
all the sins we owned?

Did we forget
the others we have stoned?


I pray my bleary eyes will soon be opened.

I pray I learned how Satan’s plans can play
at casting doubts
and making much dismay.

I pray my faith in God remains unbroken.

I pray I walk with Jesus every day.

Author Notes:

A spiritual query.

This poem is done in Free Style, which is unstructured like Free Verse, but is rhymed in some manner.

This is the author’s photograph.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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