Mug Shot

Muttonchop Tom

Mug Shot

(A Free Style Poem)




a recent picture.


you don’t think

that I am




It’s a photograph

of me,

you see,

posing patiently,

using books


photographic backdrops.

I was showing off

my look,

after growing  muttonchops.


you’re not offended

by my mug.

It’s good

to give a tug,


I’d  prefer




Author Notes I grew out some muttonchops during the Movember event.

Movember is held during November each year around here. Men grow out their mustaches (their MOs during the month. Just because. For some reason, most ladies decline to participate.

My wife took this picture.

Thought I’d show it off. It will be gone within the week, but it was fun to have this look that harkens back to earlier eras.

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