Mind your Muse


Mind your Muse

(Just a Poem)


I never know

                   What my Muse
                   Might soon produce

Or the time

                  The silent Shrike
                  Will suddenly strike

The time’s unknown

                   When life’s delay
                  One more day

Works left Incomplete

                  Is far worse
                 Than a curse

So get going

                 You might write
                 Through the night

Or you’ll find

                 Your body still
                 On cactus quill
Author Notes

A Shrike is a bird known to impale its prey on a cactus. I thing of a poet with inspiration as a little mouse in the dessert scurrying about for sustenance. Watch out for shadows in the sky! Just 3 words per line.

This poem doesn’t have any formal named format that I know of. I just wrote it this way.

The picture is from Yahoo Images

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