Casino Character

Treasure Island

Casino Character


I don’t need to hit Vegas or Reno

Just head out to the local Casino

When feelings are brisk

For taking a risk

Then let my car whisk Down to road like a blazing el-nino

As I pulled into parking lot, the midday sun was really hot

With a smooth limo flow, Tour buses come and go

I anticipate winning a pot

As I came through the door, there were people galore

First thing was to check in my coat

I felt slightly dazed, because the people I gazed

Had differences I had to note

There were Indian chiefs, and some pick pocket thiefs

Young people were pierced in strange parts

There were drunks that were bold, and some people were old

With their canes, wheelchairs, and their carts

I shouldn’t mention, they were spending their pension

And social security checks

There were serious gamblers, tottering ramblers

Some card sharks shuffling their decks

There was even a young pair with bright purple hair

Who needed to pull up their pants

Those taking welfare too, were there spending a few

Food stamps and government grants


The player with his smoke thought it was such a joke

Sitting by him I had to wheez

And the gal dripping gold had a very bad cold

As she coughed and started to sneeze

The high rolling gents ignoring dollars and cents

Threw away hundreds of dollars

There was also the jerk, playing hooky from work

Who bangs the machines and hollers

Breaking even I’d say, was a pretty good day

Have gotten my fill of ka-ching

My bank didn’t crash, since I came home with my cash

I think that’s a pretty good thing

So make sure if you go

To have plenty of dough

You might have a ball

Or you might lose it all


Author Notes Casino’s can be good fun or dangerous addictions.
I wrote this poem at the prompt of a good  fan friend, and fellow Fanstorian, trimple, who read my poem, Ka-ching,
and suggested I write a poem about people watching in the Casino. So, I wrote this poem that captures the people and some of the good and bad.

The photograph is one of mine, from the Treasure Island Casino, near Red Wing, Minnesota.

I chose this one for the signs that say “Do not Enter” showing. For some people it is definately the wrong way.

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