A Sinner’s Pleas


Angel Pray
a prayer for me today,
to guide this lost sinner on his way.
I know so well what a kind word from you will do,
because the Judge on my Judgment Day
will hear the words you say.
Angel pray!

Angel Please!
I’m here, down on my knees,
where it’s so much better to appease,
and gain assistance of your angelic nature,
to grasp any help that I might sieze.
So hear my anguished pleas,
Angel please!

Author Notes:

A kneeling angel statue in a cemetery prompted me to write this poem, as I pondered the significance of its presence there. I then perceived that this angel will intercede for us as we go to meet our maker. This poor fellow narrates his concern.

This poem is written in Flying Saucer Format. It was created by Patricia Lawrence (our fellow FanStorian, Patcelaw) this week of May 24, 2015.
The Flying Saucer format is formed based on a syllable count of:
It creates a stanza that forms the shape of a Fying Saucer, thus the name. It contains two or more stanzas. There is no requirement for either rhyme or meter.
However, I have been experimenting with various rhyme schemes that might be applied, so for this poem I chose to use rhyme. The rhyme scheme used is:
AaabaaA, where the capital letters represent repeated lines.

This photograph was taken by the author himself at Lakewood Cemetery, near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN., on May 25, 2015.

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