A River Bound

is graced
with mighty river
a falls.

Allowing it
to be embraced
by many business

The POWER of
St. Anthony Falls

its terraced walls.

The pride
of Army Engineers
who built the many
concrete tiers.

span its measured breath,
the mighty Mississippi
o’er the top
of turbined tines
to feed
the kilowatt controls.

The lock gates
can be opened
to let
the riverboats inside

to lift,
or lower,
as the case,

determined by
the time and place.

A river,
to meet man’s will.

Its dammed
to churn the flower mills.

Its dammed
for domesticity.

Its dammed
for electricity.

Through this city’s


it leads.

A river,
to meet man’s needs.

Author Notes:

This is the Lock and Dam at St. Anthony’s Falls in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, as seen from the Arched Bridge. The natural falls were replaced by a concrete overflow spillway (also called an “apron”) after it partially collapsed in 1869. In the 1860’s, as Minneapolis developed, the water power at the falls became a source of power for several industries. Water power was used by sawmills, textile mills, and flour mills. From this area, such industries as Pillsbury and General Mills developed. Later, in the 1950s and 1960s, a series of locks and dams was constructed to extend navigation to points upstream on the Mississippi River.

This poem is a Faux Free Verse.
A Faux Free Verse is a poem that is loosely formatted like a Free Verse poem, but is actually rhymed and metered.

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