Where is This Going?


Where Is this Going?

(A Double Etheree)






Can’t I

Touch you so?

Oh, don’t you know

That I’ll take you slow?

I just can’t let you throw

This away … or … I will die!

So don’t shun my love endeavor.

I Promise, you’ll have love forever!

Trust me! Be assured that at least I’ll try.


Just where do you think this is going to go?

I’m not that kind of a girl, you know.

That shouldn’t be a big surprise

But when I look in your eyes

All my resistance flies.

My emotions flow.

I need you so!

I’ll confess.

Oh, yes,



Author Notes

Oh, the pressure!

I was introduced to this format by Gungalo when I reviewed her poem, Stuck with Love.

This poem is a Double Etheree. DOUBLE ETHEREE: An Etheree has 10 lines with a syllable count of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. 

When double, the next stanza’s syllable count is reversed 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.

There is no requirement to rhyme, but I chose to do so.

This is indeed a double. 

The picture is from Yahoo Images

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