Winter’s Will

Such power locked within the Ice!
Where water’s flow is overcome,
Old Winter’s grip is like a vice.
Beneath, the muted currents hum,
before their songs to cold succumb.

For once, a tumbling torrent raged
into this chasm deep, unbound.
Where summer symphonies were staged,
and none would guess it could be caged,
cold Winter’s will was most profound.

Now flows are frozen fast today,
where once fell mighty waterfall,
and even little children play
beneath that frosted crystal wall,
while veils of icy mists enthrall.

As we recall a thund’rous roar.
the cascade now is hardened ground.
It seems, not dangerous anymore,
since Nature’s made a frozen floor.
Yes, Winter’s will is most profound.


Author Notes:

his is a compilation of two photographs that I took of Minnehaha Falls, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One was taken in the spring, while the other on was taken in the winter. They were in two different years, but from about the same location. Look at the bridge above the falls to see that. Usually the mist from the falls coats the walls around the falls first, the last to freeze is the falls itself.

This poem is a Double Dizain, which are just two Dizains.
A Dizain is a ten line poem with either 8 or 10 syllables.

The rhyme scheme is: ababb ccdcd
I have used eight.

In a Dizian you can divide the poem if you wish into two five line stanzas or two four line stanzas and a couplet. I chose the first format.

Both photographs were taken by the author himself. The winter scene was taken January 23, 2016. The spring picture was taken May 6, 2011.


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