Hanging Flowers

Hanging Pot

Hanging Flowers

(A Dizain Poem)



This pretty hanging flower pot

Adds beauty to the walking trail,

Near river where we walk a lot.

Such brilliant color hues prevail,

In red, gold, blue, and pink detail.

Held suspended on metal chains,

To catch the drops of summer rains,

Bright blooms spill out to float on air.

An awesome bud array remains,

Delighting people walking there.



Author Notes I was out walking along the Mississippi River one afternoon with my wife and grandson. The winding walkway has these hanging flower pots on posts every 10 yards or so. I am teaching photography to my 9 year old grandson. So, I asked him to take a picture of one. This is it.

This poem is a Dizain. I was introduced to this format when I reviewed a poem by FanStorian, Honeycomb, called “I’m Not Alone”. Her’s was a lovely spiritual poem.

A Dizain is a ten line poem with either 8 or 10 syllables.

The rhyme scheme is ababb ccdcd I have used eight.

In a Dizian you can divide the poem if you wish into two five line stanzas or two four line stanzas and a couplet. I chose the first format.

This picture is part of the author’s personal collection.

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