Sonnet 7 of a Communal Wreath

Each generation takes, now all seems lost.
Resources dwindle, not to be replaced.
Without regard or reference to the cost,
We burn, we dig, we throw away the waste.

And as we do, our detritus pollutes
The land and sea and air that we must use.
Oh Mother Earth, you’re spoiled by human brutes!
The damage that is wrought, you can’t excuse.

But soon you’ll find a way to compensate,
For if you don’t, then everything will die,
And as it stands, it may just be too late!
Bad weather, earthquakes, flare-ups now apply.

Oh Earth, your patience, only time can tell,
As climate alters, land and sea rebel.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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