The Love Bus


The Love Bus



On Selby street in St. Paul
Past the saintly Cathedral Mall,

I spotted a bus in the traffic rush
That gave my heart a gentle push.

It displayed a message for All of Us,
A message of Love, The Big Love Bus.

And above it was a heavenly view,
The place to let your soul renew.

Church or Bus, Love to All!
Found right here, in St. Paul


Author Notes:

I took this photograph of the Cathedral down on Selby Street, and didn’t really notice the sign on the Bus until I loaded it into my computer.
Then I said WOW!

Later, on this site, I saw a prompt to write a Senryu that I thought would work well with this photograph. But got so much critical feedback on all the rules related to that type of poetry, that the original thought got modified again and again, to fit those rules that, although I submitted it to the contest, I felt like I lost the essense I had originally started with, and ended up: dissatisfied, got no votes in the contest, and felt like I wasted this great shot. So this is a new poem, more to my liking and without all those strictures.

This photograph is the reason that this poem exists, it moved my Muse to express what I saw in verse.
I am including it in my book called Picture Poems, which are all poems resulting from the picture image. It is just simple Couplets.

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