For Love

Pink Roses

For Love

(Interlinked Rictameter Poems)





For love

I will sing songs

To you, through the night,

‘Til tunes chase away any wrongs,

And raise our spirits to highest heights,

Tame any beast that comes along,

Making everything right.

Singing your songs.

For Love

I will write poems

Praising your every way.

Wide as imagination roams,

Classic charms make a bountiful buffet

To be scribed in copious tomes.

Up late, working away,

Writing you poems.

For love

I will make time

To share all of my life,

Making every moment sublime,

Cherish each remaining day with my wife.

In Love that endures a lifetime,

Through all anger and strife.

Free, making time

For Love

I will fly high

On an angel’s wingtips,

As we embrace with loving sigh,

My tongue traces the curves of luscious lips,

Entranced by the gleam in your eye.

Drinking in subtle sips.

Flying so high,

For Love.



Author Notes
Oh Yes! For Love.

This poem is a series of four interlinked, or conjoined, Rictameter poems.
CONJOINED RICTAMETER: A rhyme scheme similar to Cinquain. First line starts with a 2-syllable word, which then increases the number of syllables per line by two. 2/4/6/8/10. Then down again. 8/6/4/2. Make the final line the same two syllables you began with.
So, the rhyme scheme for each Rictameter is: 2/4/6/8/10/8/6/4/2. When writing a conjoined Rictameter such as this one, the last line of each verse becomes the first line of the next.
This style poem need not rhyme. However, for this poem, I chose to rhyme it. The rhyme scheme in each of the Rictameters is: AbcbcbcbA, with the capital A, representing the line repeated identically.

The rose is a universal symbol of love. I chose this photograph that I took in Lake Harriet’s Rose Garden to highlight this poem.

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