English Confusion

English Confusion

Is English a language to scorn?
I find it easy!
I’ve known it since I was born.

Oh! It’s the spelling that you spurn?
Not a problem,
Just sound it out! You’ll Learn!

If you’re looking for some consistency,
Find out just how simple English can be!
Just sound out the word it will get you bye.
Here’s a couple that I hope you can try.

It’s as easy as eating from a bowl.
If you like that one, try eating a roll,
Or sink your teeth into a donut hole.
Cook that juicy steak on a burning coal.
I find that satisfying for the soul.

I think that I’ve nearly gotten it right.
I’m often quite clever in my own rite.
When needed help, I hired a wright
But I don’t need a helper when I write.

My grandma was happy to sit and sew.
While grandpa had the north forty to sow.
The babe in the cradle, they loved her so.

I went to the market to buy a fowl,
But the chicken that I cooked tasted foul.

When bowl rhymes with soul, the whole takes a toll.

I’m really not trying to sound too mean.
I hope that an issue or two was seen.
Well, I’m guessing it’s time to split this scene!

S0, by-the-by, Bye Bye!

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