Pond and Frog


Pond and Frog (Cinquains)
A pond,

of which I’m fond,

where I am often seen,

in film of algae covered slime

was green.

Where frog,

skin green and black,

with spots upon its back,

was a camouflaged exhibit.


Author Notes

You can’t hide from me, Mr.. Frog.

This poem is two Cinquains. A cinquain is written using a pattern. “Cinq” [pronounced SINK] is French for the number 5. This type of poem only has five lines. Each line follows a specific pattern.
There are many ways to write this type of poetry. The traditional cinquain, as developed by Adelaide Crapsey, has five lines and a strict structure based on syllable count. Line 1: Two syllables Line 2: Four syllables Line 3: Six syllables Line 4: Eight syllables Line 5: Two syllables It can be free versed or rhymed.

This frog picture is from the author’s collection and is the reason this poem was written. It was taken in August 2012, at Maplewood Nature Center. It will become part of my Picture Poem Book.


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