Butterflies Alight

sweet butterflies.
Put tiny feet on me.
To be so closely met is my

me with your wings,
such lovely little things,
that flap and flutter so gently
in flight.

In flight,
open up your wings
to show your colors bright.
Such extraordinary things
to sight.

To sight
the color features
of these lovely creatures —
the outer browns, the inner blues,

with your presence.
It would be so pleasant.
As I so dearly hope you might

Author Notes:

If you have never been in a Butterfly Room, this is what it is like. They actually come and land on you. Kids love it. This room was at the Minnesota State Fair. What was unique about these butterflies is that the outside wings are a lovely brown patern with pearly eyes, while the inner wings are a lovely blue. In the photo, there is one with open wings. They are called the Blue Morpho and are native to Costa Rica. There was a Monarch.

This poem is a Crown Cinquain. Unlike other crown poems with 7 poems combined, this one has only five interlinked Cinquain poems. That’s because this one is meant literally to become a crown. You see, when left justified, the Cinquain’s 2,4,6,8,2 structure forms a nice point. A Crown Cinquain interelinks each seperate poem by having the last two syllables of each poem become the first two of of the next. The first two syllables of the first poem also become the last two syllables of the last poem. Thereby, making a circular link. When you put them together, they make several points. If you cut them out of a sheet of paper and linked first and last with tape, it would literally make a crown.

This poem is the last in my series of Cinquains in which I have written a Cinquain, Reverse Cinquain, Mirror Cinquain, Didactic Cinquain, Butterfly Cinquain, Garland Cinquain, Lantern, and now the Crown Cinquain. There are 5 other types of poems that are 5 line poems, but do not follow the Cinquain structure. They are: Quintains, Tankas, 5-7-5-7-7 Poems, Tetractys, and Teapot Dictionary (when the word has 5 syllables).

This photograph was taken by the author himself in August, 2014.

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