Silken Swirl

Raspberry Rose

Silken Swirls

( A Canzone Poem)



What beauty bursts in silken swirls from the rose.

Rich the hues this bush imbues,

Inspiring bards of yore to exalting prose,

While fragrance delights the nose.

Such treasures locked within nature’s tiny gift,

Helping sagging spirits lift,

As shades of red set artistic minds adrift,

Aromatic airs are sniffed.

Who can conceive such thing as this!

Perfection held in flowered bliss!


Author Notes

I went to the Rose Garden located at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It has a stunning display of Roses that were in full bloom. The garden has several flower beds and two fountains. It is outdoors and open, free to the public. This is just one example of the beauties the you’ll find there.

This poem is a Canzone.

CANZONE: An Italian lyric poem of varying stanza length, usually written in a mixture of hendecasyllables (11) and heptasyllables (7) with a concluding short stanza or envoi. May be abab or aabb. 

This photograph was taken by the author himself.

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