Tree and Ornaments

A tree
at Christmas time shines
with many happily adorned
that sparkle and shimmer on limbs
of scented pine evergreen


Author Notes:

I took this close-up cross-section of my sister’s Christmas tree to highlight this poem. It tried to capture the simple essence of it for this poetic format which resembles an ornament somewhat.

This poem is a Cameo.
The Cameo is a fixed form style of poetry with seven lines varying in syllabic length. It is one of the most simple ways of writing a poem and is frequently assigned in classrooms. It varies only in syllable count. The form is a heptastich (Hepta Greek; seven) or seven line verse and is usually unrhymed.

The Cameo Poem is written in a strictly counted syllables per line; no rhymes are needed.

line 1 = 2 syllables;
line 2 = 5;
line 3 = 8;
line 4 = 3;
line 5 = 8;
line 6 = 7;
line 7 = 2 syllables

The format is designed to be put on things, like cameos. I think it is a perfect format for things like posters, or greeting cards.

This was taken by the author himself, from my sister Marilee’s tree.

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