The Train


Never Fear
When the train’s in Gear
The coast is clear




Author Notes:

This poem is a Calligram. It reads:


All Aboard!
Gear Throwing
Steam’s growing
Train is going
Smoke stack is blowing
Smoke – Puff Puff

Can you listen to the rhythm of the locomotive
As it races while it rumbles down the iron tracks
With loud whistle that seems associative
While heavy wheels are clickity-clacking over cracks
And people in the train cars can simply all relax

We can hear iron wheels go chug-a-lugging along the rails
Chug chug
While we hope the faithful engine never fails
Chug chug
Nor the locomotive that we’re riding on derails

The Engineer
Rides in here

Never fear
When the train’s in gear
The coast is clear



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