The Storm

The Storm

(A Tale in 8/6 Meter)


I heard the rain come beating down.

Late last night, while I slept.

As mighty thunder shook the ground,

And darkened storm clouds wept,

Another boom, shuttered the room,

Made car alarms go off.

Instilling fearful thoughts of doom,

My wife let out a cough.

I was awakened by the sound

That echoed in my head.

My smiling sleep turned to a frown

And I was filled with dread.

It made my body toss around

And get up out of bed,

To window, went to view the scene,

Amazed at what I saw.

When lightning flashed, the sky turned green,

My jaw dropped down in awe.

For coming down the darkened street

Was a twisting funnel cloud.

Its devastation broke and beat

Objects it could enshroud,

Like trees, and roofs, and even cars

Were tossed about like toys.

Its presence blotted out the stars.

Beneath, a dreadful noise.

I woke the family from their dreams

And sought a safety place.

Above us howled the wind borne screams.

We prayed for saving grace.

While all we owned, just blew away

We were all truly blessed.

Stayed safe to still be here today.

We can replace the rest.


Author Notes

Just a fictional poem about a storm. To some families, this is very real.

This poem is just simply written in an 8/6 syllable count with an abab rhyme scheme.

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