On Powdered Path

On winter walks, with twinkling snow,
are sparkling bursts with twinkling snow,
that brighten up a chilly day,
on powdered path.

Where footprints in the aftermath
leave fleeting presence evidence
on winter walks, with twinkling snow,
on powdered path.

How crisp and clean, oh arctic air!
I breathe your pure effervescence!
Then saunter in this silent scene
on powdered path.

Author Notes:

love to walk in the winter time. We are fortunate that the St. Paul park trails get plowed well after a big snow, like this photo shows of the path I often take along Battle Creek. I caught this woman out enjoying the path. I said “Hi! Beautiful day out, isn’t it?”, as we passed. She said, “It sure is!”

This poem is a Baccresieze.
Baccresieze is an invented form, apparently created as an exercise in repetition. This verse form has two and a half refrains. It is attributed to E. Ernest Murell.

The Baccresieze is:
1. Stanzaic, written in 3 quatrains.
2. Syllabic, L1,L2,L3 are 8 syllables and L4 is 4 syllables in each Quatrain.
3. Refrained, L4 of each Quatrain is a refrain and L1 of the first quatrain is repeated as L3 in the 2nd quatrain.
4. The last 4 syllables of L1 are repeated as the last 4 syllables of L2 in the first quatrain only.
5. Rhymed, with a complicated rhyme scheme of: AaxB bxAB xxxB, with the x lines being unrhymed.

This photograph with taken by author himself on January 12, 2017.

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