Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
Were the cries of children,
as bullets rent their bodies.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
Were the thoughts of teachers,
as events unfold.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
Screamed the students,
as alarms went off, while explosions were heard.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
Kids thought as “Lockdown” sounded
sending them back to their rooms.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
Say shocked 911 operators,
as frantic calls come in.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
Filled the tortured minds of the parents,
as horrific hints hit on news, and cell phones.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
Were the calls, as carnage continued,
while policemen cowered.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
Are the shouts of all,
as bodies littered halls and lots.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
is seared into the minds of survivors,
as they marched out beyond the bloody bedlam.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”
Is heard everywhere as a result of an assault rifle,
leaves 17 dead.

“OH! Oh My GOD!”


Author Notes:

No images necessary.

This is an Anaphoric poem. That is when the use of Anaphora is applied to a speech, or writing, which is when a repeated word, or phrase, is emphasized to dramatically impact the work. The most famous use of Anaphora is by Dr. Martin Luther King in his speech, “I have a Dream.” The audience is pounded with it again and again.

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