Comes the Muse


When I see a baby cry,
When I have a teary eye,
When I ask the Question – Why?
When I want to say –Goodbye,
Comes the Muse.

When I watch a garden grow,
When a mountain’s topped with snow,
When I see the waters flow,
When I feel the moonlight’s glow,
Comes the Muse.

When the secrets all unfold,
When I need the story told,
When my thoughts are getting bold,
When a love is getting old,
Comes the Muse.

Tis the spark that lights the fire,
Tis the point that drives desire,
Tis the burning, churning pyre,
Tis the raging, rasping, ire,
Tis the Muse!

Tis the pain within my soul,
Tis the grasping, pulling whole,
Tis the hot and searing coal,
Tis the masterswitch control,
Tis the Muse!

Tis high hint creativity,
Tis the words that want to be,
Tis everything I see,
Tis my spirit breaking free,
Tis my Muse!

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