The Gift of Color


Then God looked toward the Earth,
Saw color as a need.
So, with a gentle touch,
He spread the world with seed.

Thus beauty, He decreed,
Shall cover all the land
To please the people’s eye
So they might understand

That textures and the hue,
They’re a God-given gift,
Direct from Him to you,
To help your spirits lift.

Then God looked toward the Earth,
Where seeds He planted by,
Were flowers in full bloom.
In bountiful supply.

His face lit with a smile.
He gazed at them awhile.

Author’s Notes:

Flowers provide such beauty and color to the world, as well as their fragrance. What a wonderful gift to the world they are. So much so that Genesis should have added a verse just for them. Maybe it would read something like this poem.

This poem is an Ampeletum.
I was introduced to it by fellow FanStorian tfawcus.
The Ampeletum was created several years ago by FanStorian JeJo. The name is derived from “ampel-” denoting vines and “-etum” meaning a grove or garden (as in Arboretum). Thus, the name signifies the way rhymes keep twisting around, coming back to life.

It consists of four stanzas with a rhyme scheme of:
Abcb, bded, fgcg, Aehe where capital A is an exact repeated line.
There are just six syllables per line and any meter can be used.

My poem is written mainly in iambic trimeter with minor variations, as was Tony’s (tfawcus). I added the closing couplet in order to capture a Genesis effect – “and He saw that it was good” – type of statement.

This photograph was taken by the author in July, 2014 at a local shopping center that had many flower displays.

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