Devastated Damsel


The whole world was one swirl to fraught frustrated girl.
The winds whirled as she twirled on the pinnacle’s edge.
Her heart was as shorn as the clothes she’d worn,
and as cold as the chilly wind –
and as cold as the chilly wind.
She cried, “Since I mourn all the hurts I’ve borne,
I shall die with sworn satisfied sigh – that’s my pledge.”
With last “Goodbye,” she breached the sky in leaping hurl.



Author’s Notes:

This statue is located in a park in Minnetrista, Minnesota called Big Stone Sculpture Park. In looking at this statue, I felt she was a person in distress, on the edge, and in the wind. So that’s how I interpreted it for this poem.

This poem ia an Amanda’s Pinch.
The Amanda’s Pinch was created by Amanda J. Norton, Oct. 18, 2013 on the Allpoety website.This is a syllabic form with syllable count of:
and a Rhyme Scheme of:
abcDDcba, (the DD indicates that line 5 is a refrain of line 4)
Alliteration is required in every line.
It it should be well centered, with its structure giving the impression of being gently pinched together,then springing back in a mirror image.
It may be doubled for two stanzas, is the poet so desires.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on September 30, 2017.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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