America – Let Freedom Roll

Freedom Cycle

America’s history is filled with drama.
Beautiful sights leaves us numb.
Constitution laid ground for thoughts idyllic,
Developed dreams now abound.
Elemental free rights under which we live,
Freedom flies from every staff.

Generated the lifestyle we are living.
Healthy democratic worth,
Institutions libretti,
Juxtapositioned order against hadj padj,
Kingdom removed from our back,

Loosing new unbridled liberty for all.
Macro-evolution dream
Negated suggestion of hope’s suppression.
Oppressive actions echo
Policy off the doorstep.

Quantified invention, like Twitter on BLAQ,
Revolution behavior,
Sensitized precedence of world governments
Through new ideas set aloft.
Union joined without adieu!

Viewed afar, our democratic POV,
With expectations anew,
Xenic thoughts create American tableaux.
Yankee found alacrity!
Zealouscy lit the passion, setting world abuzz.

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