Fleabane, not Daisies

(6/8 Verse)



Fleabane are not Daisies,

But they sure seem to want to be.

Pretty in the sunlight,

Or in the shade between the trees.

Loaded with much pollen,

So they’re quite popular with bees.

Considered nasty weeds,

They have nothing to do with fleas.

Often find clumps of them

Blowing softly in summer breeze.

They’re so misunderstood,

These tiny flowers surely please

Lovers of wildflowers

Who may lack Botany degrees.


Author Notes

Another in my Wildflower series
Fleabane is a wildflower that is often mistaken for Daisies due to their yellow center and white petals, or for the Aster which has similar petals , but is larger. This hearty wildflower is small and has  many narrow petals. It grows well almost anywhere. It has lots of pollen but very little nectar, so bees love it. It is a small flower that is seldom larger than 1 inch wide. It can have other colors than white, but white is the most common in the wild.

This poem is written with a continuous 6/8 syllable count.  Its rhyme scheme is abcb.

This photograph was taken by the author on July 12, 2013 in Maplewood, Minnesota

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