Fickled Faith

Science and Religion

Fickled Faith (5-7-5 Poetry Suite)


What you cannot see

Becomes liability

If you don’t have Faith

Many mysteries


Can become realities

When you have true Faith


Waved the Earth goodbye

By believing man could fly

The result of Faith

Watch an object fall

When you push it off a wall

Gravity of Faith

What duplicity

About electricity

Had there been no Faith

Deep humility

Makes the best Humanity

When you trust in Faith

Not a big surprise

If you can’t believe your eyes

Then you must have Faith

So, keep Faith alive

Then free spirits will survive

There’s freedom in Faith


Author Notes There are many kinds of faith: religious, scientific, and humanitarian, for example.

I’ve tried to capture that here.

These stanzas are written in a 5-7-5 format, but are not intended to be haiku or senryu.

The picture juxtaposes Science and Religion. The photograph is one of the author’s.

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