Cathedral on the Hill

Cathedral at Night

Cathedral on the Hill

(A 3X Poem)



Cathedral high on city hill

Set there on the highest hill

Light that brightens up that hill

Keeps the evening sky so still


See it there above my town

Shining jewel that crowns the town

The glow of God lights this town

Like a lovely golden gown


Placed high above the river

Brightly framed by that river

Blesses home along the river

The sight gives me a shiver


Sparkling glow of shadowed light

Spots the town with beams of light

Water shimmers with that light

A vivid vision in the night


Author Notes
This is a night photograph of the Catherdal of St. Paul at night shot from across the river. The river shown is the Mississippi river. The there are luxury apartment buildings along its bank complete with lighted walkways. the rest od the downtown around it is subdued with dotted light here and there. It sits in the highest hill in the downtown St. Paul, Minnesota area.

This poem is a 3X Poem.
This  “3x” format was developed by Fanstorian PF aka Pipersfancy.

It has a fixed rhyme scheme of unique repeating rhymes. Although not typical, it makes for an intriguing display.

The end rhyme words of the 1st three lines are the same (Therefore the term, 3x)

The 4th line has to rhyme but is not identical, making each stanza mono-rhyme.

Minimum four stanzas

This photograph was taken by the author himself.

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