The Giant’s Glasses


One day
While walking
In the local park,
Past Dark

I saw
A strange shape
That shouldn’t be,
Under tree

And quite stark,
Really blending
With bark

I took
Two passes,
When I found some

Must have
Dropped them there,
I swear

Long ago,
In the cold snow,
You know

They’re big
As branches
On Maple tree,
You see

This huge size
Are very rare.
Don’t stare!

Let them
Stay right there.
Someone’s needing
A pair.


Author Notes:

A 2-3-4-2 Poem is a syllabic formatted poem based on shot quatrains where each line is limited to a specific number of syllables. So the flow is fast and furious. No meter required. Rhyming optional.
Line 1: 2 syllables
Line 2: 3 Syllables
Line 3: 4 syllables
Line 4: 2 Syllables

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