Wake Up!



(12 Line Exhortation)



Wake up!

A wide world is out there to see,

Have some fun with your family.

Take a chance to hug any tree!

Get off your butt!

Out of the rut!

Don’t become a depressing fool,

Go find an adventure that’s cool,

Maybe, take a dip in the pool.

Freezing splatter

Doesn’t matter!

Wake up!


Author Notes Do something!

This poem is a 12 Line Exhortation. I researched poetry types with 12 Lines to see what they are called. I found a group of poems called 12 Lines. But they are basically unstructured. I wanted some specific structure. I wanted a poem with 3 consecutive lines of rhyme, that played off 8/4/2 syllable counts and was positive in spirit. So I created this format and called it 12 Line Exhortation. I don’t think this format previously exists, as far as I know. Let me know if otherwise. Here are the rules. A 12 Line Exhortation is a poem with 12 lines, starting and ending with a 2 syllable line that caries an exhortation, like; Get up!, Move on! Go jump! The whole syllable structure is; 2/8/8/8/4/4/8/8/8/4/4/2. There is also a fixed rhyme scheme of: AbbbaacccddA, where the capital letters are repeated lines.

I took this photograph at Como Town in St. Paul, Minnesota in July 2012 on a day it was over 100 degrees and 90% humidity.

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