Pumpkion Dance

Pumpkin Dance

(A 12 Line Exhortation)

Prance to the rhythm of the dance.
Like garden spirits, take a chance!
Celebrate this Season’s advance!
No better choice
than add a voice
to Autumn’s songs that fill the air.
The Horn of Plenty’s everywhere!
As colors burst, become aware
of the pumpkin’s
dancing Virgins.

Author Notes
I spotted this dancing nymph statue in the gardens at the Minnesota Arboretum. The pumpkins were added as an October touch of the season. The joy of their dance delighted me. These 3 naked girls (I called them virgins here) epitomized the spirit of a seasonal celabration with the flowers and colorful fall leaves. i couldn’t resist the inspiration.

This poem is a 12 Line Exhortation, a format that I created.
A 12 Line Exhortation is a poem with 12 lines, starting and ending with a 2 syllable line that caries an exhortation, like; Get up!, Move on! Go jump! The whole syllable structure is:
There is also a fixed rhyme scheme of:
AbbbaacccddA, where the capital letters are repeated lines.

I researched poetry types with 12 Lines to see what they are called. I found a group of poems called 12 Lines. But they are basically unstructured. I wanted some specific structure. I wanted a poem with 3 consecutive lines of rhyme, that played off 8/4/2 syllable counts and was positive in spirit. So I created this format and called it 12 Line Exhortation. I don’t think this format previously exists, as far as I know.

This photograph was taken by the author in October, 2014.

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