Look Both Way!


Look Both Ways

(12 Line Exhortation)



Look out!

Just because you’re in a hurry,

And your schedule’s in such flurry,

Think you really need to hurry,

While on your route,

Please look about.

Traffic comes from each direction,

When you’re at an intersection,

Don’t be lost in fool’s perplexion,

Head in a daze.

Please check both ways!




Author Notes

Remember what your Momma told you!

For the contest.

This poem is a 12 Line Exhortation. I thought it would be the perfect format to use in this contest. What better for a admonition than an exhortation!

A 12 Line Exhortation is a poem with 12 lines, starting and ending with a 2 syllable line that caries an exhortation, like; Get up!, Move on! Go jump!

The whole syllable structure is; 2/8/8/8/4/4/8/8/8/4/4/2.  There is also a fixed rhyme scheme of: AbbbaacccddA, where the capital letters are repeated lines of the Exhortation.

The picture is from Yahoo Images.

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