Amusement Park

Amusement Park

Amusement Park

(A 12 Line Exhortation)





Nickelodeon Universe

Can make any troubles disburse.

Just open up your dusty purse.

There’s no boredom

When families come.

So many things to catch the eye

That roll and spin or make folks fly.

Give a carnival game a try.

Our world traverse.

In play submerse.




Author Notes When you go to the Mall of America, you can’t pass up the amusement park there right in the middle of all the shopping and eating.

Another poem in my Mall of America series.

This poem is a 12 Line Exhortation. I researched poetry types with 12 Lines to see what they are called. I found a group of poems called 12 Lines. But they are basically unstructured. I wanted some specific structure. I wanted a poem with 3 consecutive lines of rhyme, that played off 8/4/2 syllable counts and was positive in spirit. So I created this format and called it 12 Line Exhortation. I don’t think this format previously exists, as far as I know. Let me know if otherwise. Here are the rules.

  A 12 Line Exhortation is a poem with 12 lines, starting and ending with a 2 syllable line that caries an exhortation, like; Get up!, Move on! Go jump! 

The whole syllable structure is; 2/8/8/8/4/4/8/8/8/4/4/2. 

There is also a fixed rhyme scheme of: AbbbaacccddA, where the capital letters shown here are the repeated lines of the Exhortation. 

This photograph was taken by the author himself at the Mall of America in July, 2012.

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