senryu (the marks we leave)

Chalk Marks

sanctioned graffiti
with transient colored chalk
short the marks we leave

Author Notes:

Our lives are just a blink in time.

I missed the Philosophical Senryu Contest, but here it is any way.

On my recent river cruise, when we pulled into the Lock and Dam. The crew passed out colored chalk so that we could write something on the wall if we wanted. Of course, it was in the lowered position and will wash away once the water level is raised. The thought inspired this Senryu about the human condition.

This poem is a Senryu.
The Senryu is a form that calls for some sort of satirical “aha” moment, and is written about humans. A 5-7-5 format is not an absolute necessity, but the poem must be 17 syllables or less and should follow a short/long/short form. It is primarily concerned with human nature. It is often humorous or satiric. A non-traditional Senryu can have less than 5/7/5 syllables. A common variation is 3/5/3.

This photograph was taken by the author on October 13, 2015.

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