When Eagles Eye’s Look

Eagle Landing


When Eagle’s Eyes Look

(A Rondeau Poem)



When Eagle’s eyes look on their prey

There’s very few that get away.

Once fixed within that icy stare,

It spells the doom of hound or hare

On raptor’s rav’nous hunting day.

Sharp talons pierce as victims bray.

They soon consume what e’er they slay,

Or feed it to an eaglet pair,

When Eagle’s eyes look.

The sun may save, some sages say.

High bird-borne shadows can betray

The present peril to beware.

If lucky victims stay aware,

Then fate may turn another way,

When Eagle’s eyes look.


Author Notes

Eagle landing

This poem is a Rondeau. A Rondeau is a fixed form of French poetry that uses a repeated refrain. It is often used in light or witty poems. It often has fifteen octo – or decasyllabic lines with three stanzas. It usually only has two rhymes used in the poem.

A word or words from the first part of the first line are used as a refrain ending the second and third stanzas. The rhyme scheme is aabba aabR aabbaR.


Photograph by the Author




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