We Walk in Wonder

We Walk in Wonder

( A Nonogram)


Jap Garden

When we walk where rocks and trees are known,
We walk in wonder
On paths where lovely plants have grown,
That have been under
Careful tending by artistic hands
That know the balance of rocks and sands
With water, to create sculptured lands
Where pathways split the woods asunder.
We walk in wonder.

It is there where all the birds have flown,
We walk in wonder,
Engulfed in such peace we’ve never known,
Where thoughts can thunder,
Clear within this most majestic space
That transposes sense of time and place,
Creating notions of charm and grace
As pure as thoughts that poets plunder.
We walk in wonder.

Author Notes
A walk in the Japanese Gardens at Como Park inspired this poem. I was mesmerized by the sculpted landscape blending the manicured trees with rocks and water to establish an environment of perfection. The Japanese believe that such beauty creates a state a Zen. Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that promotes deep meditation to establish a state of inner peace.

This poem is a Nonogram. It is a format that I created. The “Non” indicates the usage of 9. It is a Poem with 2 stanzas of 9 lines. A Nonogram is similar to an Octogram, with similar rhyme scheme, except instead of integrating 8 and 4 meter, it uses 9 and 5. So the two stanzas flow with a meter of:
The rhyme scheme is:
aBabcccbB aBabdddbB, where the capital letters indicates a repeated line.

This picture was taken by the author, himself on September 10, 2013. Como Park is located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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