Thistle Weed

(Free Verse)


get the point



as it screams

“Don’t  touch me”.

While it draws you to purple flowers,

heed the warning,


you might bleed.


has a noble beauty

as it seems


straight and tall


it comes

with cutting edges



aren’t friendly

at all.

Author Notes

This is Bull Thistle. One of several varieties of thistle with a purple flower, it grows taller than surrounding vegetation and has very recognizable sharp barbs. It is a wildflower, but is definitely considered a weed. The thorns are a method to protect it from being eaten by herbivores.

According to Wikipedia, in heraldry, the Thistle has been a national symbol of Scotland and a strong Celtic symbol of strength, as well as birth. Its image was used on silver coins and there is an Order of the Thistle in Scotland as well. The thistle flower attracts butterflies and Goldfinches. When God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, He said “…thorns and thistles shall I bring forth…” (Genesis 3:17-18).

This poem is a Free Verse that does have some incidental rhyming, but no formal structure.

This picture was taken by the author June 12,2013.


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