These Golden Trees

These Golden Trees

(A Rondeau)


These golden trees provide a home.
Their trunks are highways squirrels roam,
with leaves ablaze in golden light.
They search the ground, both day and night
for seeds and nuts in fertile loam.

The branches form a color dome,
as lovely as an arch in Rome,
of yellow leaves. A stunning sight –
these golden trees.

No manmade gilded Hippodrome
or literary written tome
can match the grandeur of the sight
when Nature’s Autumn trees ignite.
The branches form a color dome.
These golden trees!


Author Notes
Delighted by the color of the leaves, I was out walking in the Autumn splendor. There in the tree next to me, a squirrel stood, frozen in an alert position. No doubt, caused by my close proximity. It stayed there in that pose while a snapped this shot. The trees, the leaves, the squirrel, all transpired to inspire this piece. No Cathedral could inspire me more.

This poem is a Rondeau.
A rondeau is a fixed form of poetry. It is often used in light or witty poems. It often has fifteen octo – or decasyllabic lines with three stanzas. Here I used iambic tetrameter. It usually only has two rhymes (and a and a b rhyme) used in the poem.
A word or words from the first part of the first line are used as a refrain ending the second and third stanzas, which gives it a lovely echo effect.

The rhyme scheme of a Rondeau is:
aabba aabR aabbaR, where the R represents the repeated word or words.

I modified it a bit, giving it a repeating line. So the rhyme scheme becomes:
aabba AabR aabbAR, where the Capital letters represent repeated lines.

This photograph was taken by the author in October, 2014.

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