Tangled, Torn, and Twisted

Abandoned and forgotten along the road,
Beside a field no longer sowed,
Above the knarled growth, it rises high,
A darkened silhouette in the sky.
From its strong blades once water flowed
– But that was in the days gone bye.

Today it stands there tangled and torn;
Dismissed, forgotten, abandoned, forlorn.
Its blades are broken, lost and skattered.
Its former proud history hasn’t mattered.
It’s choked in vines, covered in thorn
– It stands there weathered, beaten, battered.

I was out there on that forgotten road,
Beside that field no longer sowed.
I almost passed it, but I resisted.
An opportunity to capture it existed,
Of a weathered windmill that really showed
– A structure Tangled, Torn, and Twisted.


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