Sunset on the Lake

sunset 2

Sunset on the Lake

Rich reflection of the sunset

Floats upon the surface.

As shoreline turns to silhouette,

Night exerts it purpose.

The day is done,

And as the sun

Dips slowly into night,

The clouds drift by

In evening sky,

Reflecting scattered light.

It’s at this time, quiet solitude

Exerts a peaceful calm,

That creates the most restful mood,

Befitting of a psalm.

Where moments spent

Make stress relent

To perfect peace of mind.

The world can tell

That all is well,

A wish for all Mankind.



Author Notes

Just another sunset

I came across this format last night when I reviewed a poem of Sandra Mitchell’s named – I’ll Live in the Sky. It was a beautiful poem in this format. First first stanza has a rhyme pattern of, abab. Then the second one is aabccb, alternating throughout. Tempo is: 8686 then to 446446, alternating, to make a lively cadence. This is repeated at least twice. I’m not sure if this is an existing known format, but if not, it should be named and Sandra given credit. At any rate, I liked it, and used it here.

This is another of the pictures I took last night (5/19,2013). It is the same sunset that I used on Fire in the Sky, only earlier. Taken at Lake Phalen in St. Paul, Minnesota, while on an evening drive with my wife.

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