Sunshine Finally Pierces

Sunrise on Superior

Sunshine Finally Pierces

Sunshine finally pierces through the gloom,
As it trickles through the windows of my room.
Morning daylight gives the pleasure I derive,
From the fascinating fact that I’m alive.

Another day that I cherish wispy breeze,
Or the Cardinals singing softly in the trees.
The setting sun painting colors in the sky
Another day to savor before I die.

To appreciate a closeness of my wife,
Who has shared with me the ups and downs of life.
Once again bedeviled by beguiling charms,
Kissed and cuddled, as I wrap her in my arms.

When I feel the sun’s warm rays upon my face,
Watching birds soar with such stunning style and grace,
While the waves are splashing hard upon the shore,
Don’t I wish life could go on forevermore?

But that last day will come too soon, for us all,
Hoping when it does, I’ll hear the angel’s call.
Then, sunshine will no longer pierce through the gloom
As it trickles through the windows of my room

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