Rising Light

Rising Light

Rising Light





In darkness

Shadows going





On the horizon

Peeks with promise of a new day.

Morning bright,

Shine some heated harmony on me!

As you rise high in the sky,

I smile!


Author Notes

Let the sun shine on me. Blessed with another day.

This has two styles of poem, a Lanturne and a Cameo. Both are similar, as being short free verse formats with fixed syllable counts, but different in their structural impact. The Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one. A camoe is a more rounded style consisting on 7 lines with a syllable count of two, five, eight, three, eitht, seven, two. This mimicks a cameo’s oval shape.

This photograph is one taken by the author.

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